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"Show hidden files and folders" option in Windows (XP) has no effect

By clemejun ·
Clicking the "Show hidden files and folders" option in Windows (XP) has no effect on my folders. It keeps resettig itself to the "do not show" folder option. How do I resolve this problem.

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Are you...

by dawgit In reply to "Show hidden files and fo ...

Signed in as 'Administrator'? or have the administrator's previlige? With-out that, it won't keep. -d

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yes I am

by clemejun In reply to Are you...

I have an administrative account on the system

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What files are we talking about?

by dawgit In reply to yes I am

... if you go to a windows exployer screen (any will work) and click on the 'tools' at the top, a 'drop down' will appear. And then you clicked on 'folder options'. On this card you clicked on the tab 'View'. On the little folder symbol there you clicked 'Show hidden files and folders'. Is that what you have done? There is another block there also, 'Hide protected system files' must be un-checked for you to see them. Then you have clicked 'Apply' and 'OK'. Is that the procedure you've used? I believe you need to do a 'restart' for both of those to take affect.
If that's what you have done and it hasn't worked, let us know. Is this a Desk Top or Notebook? XP Home or Pro? (it can make a difference) -d

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yes i have done all that

by clemejun In reply to What files are we talking ...

I am doing what have described, restarted everything, but nothing. When I click apply, nothing happens. If I close that box and open it again, the 'dont show hidden files...' option is set again. as if the system wont acept any other setting. I discovered the problem when I hid a folder i had created myself. When I search for it on the command prompt I can see it (dir a:\H). Even when I "select all" in the folder it sits in, i am told there is a hidden folder. I am using Laptop running XP Pro.

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a: ? Floppy diskette?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to yes i have done all that

Try unhiding everything on the floppy. At a command prompt,

attrib -h *.* /S /D

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tryign to avoid that

by clemejun In reply to a: ? Floppy diskette?

That is currently what I am having to do everytime I need to see hidden files but its not working on some of the files on C: It gets very annoying having to do that all the time, ie going via command prompt, so I need a solution that will fix it

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This may work

by redamit In reply to "Show hidden files and fo ...

Create another account with administrative previlege and log in to the machine with that account. After logging in try to do the same, that is tools--folder options--view--show all files. See whether that works. If it works, then the reason might be your profile is damaged may be for virus or something like that...

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I have tried

by clemejun In reply to This may work

I have tried the same from another administrative account and still gives me the same problem... what else can I try? Is there a "cure" for the virus, that does not require reinstallation?

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Solution: Hidden files and folders

by mmaltaf In reply to "Show hidden files and fo ...

Your registry entry might have been corrupted so try this...Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\
Advanced\Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL in your registry....then modify the value for the key "CheckedValue" to 1 and "DefaultValue" to 2...
Hope this helps...

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by kms_friends123 In reply to Solution: Hidden files an ...

I am very happy with ur solution. i achieved it. many many thanks.

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