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    Show me the $$$$!!!! ??


    by jasonmccubbin ·

    As I try to attack and decide to enter the balloned IT market. This might help. Can everyone drop their two cents please?

    What is you pay? And what certs & positions do you hold?

    Thanks as is about as skewed as the american idol voting!!!!! lol

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      Guaranteed pay level

      by stress junkie ·

      In reply to Show me the $$$$!!!! ??

      I’m guaranteed to receive at least $7.00 per hour including tips. I have to use my own car though.

      I hate driving around with that sign on top of the car.

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      Bu**er All

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to Show me the $$$$!!!! ??

      If you are planning on an IT career to make big bundles of cash, you missed the boat by about eight years. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t be good at it, and if you are not good you’ll not be able to compete with those who are. Most of the guys who joined up because it was the in career have left and good riddance to ’em.

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        A lot of the ones

        by dafe2 ·

        In reply to Bu**er All

        Who got in simply because they could breathe have become very succesfull 1-900 operators.

        The really good breathers make BIG bucks. LOL

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          Ahhh. thanks for ?

          by jasonmccubbin ·

          In reply to A lot of the ones

          I should of known. I simply tried to get a good idea of what the money in certain aspects from real time associates was. And wah-la jokes!
          I am trying to see if there is something that I can achieve that will meet or top my broker pay.

          Got the lame jokes… As for as facts <---- NO!

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          by jellimonsta ·

          In reply to Ahhh. thanks for ?

          You can check out for certain positions, then take about 10% off the figure and you ‘can’ obtain that. Don’t expect to enter the field as a Network Architect level III though. PC Support is where you will most likely start.

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          Thank you Jelli.

          by jasonmccubbin ·

          In reply to depends

          Thanks for the reply.
          I am just having a hard time trying to get into a career with something that I enjoy doing (G.Design\Networking). If I cant support myself and family. 🙁
          Cant find the way to make the switch right now.


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          These weren’t jokes

          by dafe2 ·

          In reply to Ahhh. thanks for ?

          Read the posts carefully & you’ll realise we’re telling you to be very carefull.

          I’m guessing Tony has been at it as long as I have…..20+ years.

          What we’re saying is there is no EASY way into IT anymore………………and you’ve got to really love the work (like anything else) to make a GOOD living.

          In my neck of the woods the cost of living is low & the quality of life high.

          Average Lawyer & Doctor = 90K

          Average Doctor = 90K

          Average Gov Employee = 50k

          Average IT = 65k………..Average NOOBE = 25k………Average with 15 Years = 80k & 150k

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          Hey Dafe2!

          by molinyk ·

          In reply to These weren’t jokes

          Are these in Cdn dollars or US dollars? From what I recall, you are on the East coast of Canada?
          Myself, I changed careers from being a mechanic to getting my degree in April of last year. Ihave been laid off since Sept of last year.
          The jobs for networking here where I live are pathetic. I have only had 1 interview since Sept and the job went to someone who worked internally within the hospital.
          I went to school for 3 years and did an 8 month work term at 10.00 an hour. When I got my degree, I was offered 12.50 an hour which is approx 26K/year.
          Does that sound pathetic or is that about right for the experience I have?

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          by dafe2 ·

          In reply to Hey Dafe2!

          Your in Thunder Bay?

          In New Brunswick….I’d expect someone who works in Break/Fix (Say for Xwave or CGI) to make about 35k at entry level which is what I’m understanding is your situation.

          For the Feds, Province or a Hospital, probably 5k more.

          I would have expexcted more out of you ‘upper Canadians’ 🙂

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          T.B is small

          by molinyk ·

          In reply to Depends

          Thunder bay is only maybe 140k people and nearest big city is Winnipeg.Where I was working before in T.B , it was mostly Sysadmin stuff and help desk , Active directory, Windows , Solaris admin … no programming. I didnt do much Cisco stuff or Networking which I majored in that area at school.We also did alot of Linux and solaris stuff in labs and very little windows.If I was back in Calgary, where i went to school, I would have a job in my area ,for sure.Here , I think you have to be a jack of all trades.
          Its kind of frustrating not being able to find work in my area that i went to school for , especially when I owe 20k for student loans.
          I was hoping to devote alot of my time to Cisco learning but over here, I may not find a job doing that anyways.
          Its a small community here and you have to be in the right place at the right time.
          Changing careers was a hard thing to do especially
          going back to school in my late 30’s.

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          You did pretty good for being just out of school *NT*

          by cedrics ·

          In reply to Hey Dafe2!


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          Indeed less than funny

          by tony hopkinson ·

          In reply to Ahhh. thanks for ?

          I’m a senior software design engineer, Income is hard to specify as I work as a contracted consultant, but if I was going back to permament I wouldn’t look at anything less than ?40k, + pension, bonus, holidays, health insurance etc. Unless you marry the MDs daughter your chances of getting your first paycheck at an equivalent to what you being paid in your previous career are effectively nil. I seem to remember in another post you said you were a mortage broker, you need to bring that skill in if you can, industry knowledge is extremely valuable in design, analysis and QA.
          All my skills in programming are useless until I understand the problem and I can’t give that my best shot without understanding the environment. Guys who know enough about IT to interface with developers and do understand the customer are a godsend in a development.

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          by dafe2 ·

          In reply to Indeed less than funny

          Loved your last comment too.

          “All my skills in programming are useless until I understand the problem and I can’t give that my best shot without understanding the environment. Guys who know enough about IT to interface with developers and do understand the customer are a godsend in a development.”

          I’d add they are still rare but it’s getting better.

          I’m in Operations and feel the same way. Until or unless you understand Business Drivers IT is of no value. Years ago, IT seemed to be the sacred cow. We were rarely, if ever, asked to justify funding. Not so today. It’s more like a slaughter house and you (do) need to understand the businesses you supply services to.

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          Well I’ve worked

          by tony hopkinson ·

          In reply to Right

          with purchasing, sales, stores, market research metallurgy, manufacturing of all sorts, asset management, telecomms, insurance, automotive, distribution, warehousing and retail.
          I did n’t understand crap about anyone of them when I started, even with enough common sense and experience to make my skills and knowledge cross over, I still step on a banana skin every now and then, it’s nice to have a guide blaze a trail for you. I’ve worked with some very good ones, and others who seemed to make a career out of littering the place with their fruit wrappers.

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          Mostly in the Power Business

          by dafe2 ·

          In reply to Well I’ve worked

          I still think about wearing lead underwear when scoping out Nuclear Plants……………those guides can sometimes be awfull scary!

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      Seriously …

      by mcs-1 ·

      In reply to Show me the $$$$!!!! ??

      I run my own sales/service company. Besides sales I perform service/repairs, contract IT, network admin, yada, yada …
      My certs are A+, MSCE, a shtitload of 1-2 week courses and seminars, and 20+ yrs experience. 90% of my service (general, IT, Network, …) is $50/hr, and some jobs are contracted out at ‘x’ dollars per contract – and this really depends on what’s involved in the job.
      Some weeks I make decent money, other weeks I can breathe a bit.

      Hope this helped some ….

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      Your question can’t be answered

      by amcol ·

      In reply to Show me the $$$$!!!! ??

      Because you haven’t given us enough to go on.

      Where are you? What level are you? What do you want to do? And so on, and so on…

      In another thread you mentioned sales. What kind of sales? Read the comments in the other thread and post some more specific information.

      Also…you’re looking at this all wrong. I’m all for making a buck but that’s not all that life’s about. You do a good job, you work for a good company, you get the results, you’ll make the dough. You want enough to have a nice life and provide for your family? You’ll get one set of answers from this community germane to that goal. You want to get rich, quickly or otherwise? You’ll get another set of answers. But don’t focus on money…you’ll end up selling yourself to the highest bidder regardless of how much satisfaction you derive from what you’ll be doing. Someday, maybe hopefully, you’ll find yourself in a nice house with a nice bank account looking forward to a nice retirement…and maybe with an ulcer or two to boot.

      As far as certs go, forget it. Like I said, you spoke in another thread about sales. You don’t need no steenkin’ certs for sales.

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      Loation, Location, Location

      by jdmercha ·

      In reply to Show me the $$$$!!!! ??

      “Average IT = 65k”

      Pay is extremely diverse, depending on where you live. To get 65K where I live you have to have a BS/MS and 20 years experience in IT. But then, The average car payment is pretty close to the average mortgage payment here.

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