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    Show This address list first


    by jsarinana ·

    How to set addressing setting, show this address first ?
    I have a Laptop running XP, Office 2002. All other computers on our network are running Office 2000. In 2000 you can set the Addressing setting to show this address list first. We always show All Users list first. To do this I can open mail through Control Panel, sellect on Addressing tab and set “Show this address list first”: All Users. With this laptop I don’t know how to change it, it’s showing Global Address list first. Any suggestions ? Thanks

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      by dmiles ·

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      The information in this article applies to:
      Microsoft Outlook 2002

      This article was previously published under Q300592
      In previous versions of Microsoft Outlook, the location of the settings to control the order of contacts and the Global Address List were on the Addressing tab under Services on the Tools menu.

      In Outlook 2002, this setting location has changed. This article explains where to set the choices for the Addressing tab in Outlook 2002.
      Use the following steps to set up the order of addresses for contacts and the Global Address List:
      Click the Address Book icon. You may also click the Tools menu, click Address Book or press the CTRL+SHIFT+B keys for the keystroke shortcut.
      In the Address Book dialog box, click the Tools menu choice, and then click the Options menu choice.
      The Addressing dialog box appears.
      In the Addressing dialog box, you can adjust the priority that is used for the addressing of items, such as using your contacts before using the Global Address List. Use the up and down arrows on the right side to adjust the priority.
      Click OK.

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