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Shrink primary partition, add drives

By Gunnar Klevedal ·
I just got Win XP Home. Right now system restore is active. I wish to use PartitionMagic to shrink the partition C: and to create a new extended partition with three new logical drives (FAT16 2GB). This will bring changes to the Master Boot Record of my hard drive. I guess system restore could cause some trouble, if I do not delete all system restore points. What Caveats do you see?
There is also a second primary partition, , labeled PRESARIO_RP and most of it is locked, not even Admin has access. I suspect it belongs to Compaq System Restore, which I assume is quite a different thing from the one provided by M$. Seems you start it by pressing F10 at boot.
I guess that adding three drive letters might cause this emergency / panic button to malfunction, but I do not know.
Anyway, the drive letter of the primary partition with windows operating system is still C: and I ain't gonna change THAT. Just shrink it by 20 GB.
Right now I have two priary partitions C: and . What I wish to add , if possible, is an extended partition and freedom to model it to my liking. Try seeing it my way, I sure want to see it your way. Tribute goes to John Socha

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by Jaqui In reply to Shrink primary partition, ...

defrag drive c partition.
then resize and create the partions structure you want.

only thing to remember, do not remove the dell partion, as it is the restore partition they need for the restore disk(s) that came with the system.

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by Gunnar Klevedal In reply to

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You are right. I will Defrag. I will not touch the COMPAQ Restore partition.
I will shrink the first Primary Partition from 100 GB to 80 GB.
This will free up space for a third, Extended Partition.

What I am afraid of, is that Compac restore , if I ever need it, will protest when C: suddenly is 80 GB instead of 100 GB.

Any more ideas? Regards Gunnar Klevedal

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by dmiles In reply to Shrink primary partition, ...

No problem other than the fact that you may want to use another file system to format say fat 32,just in case you want to share files

Drive letters will change,back up alll data first,because you will have to specify where the next partition should be started,selecting at the end is suggested

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by Gunnar Klevedal In reply to

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You are right. When I shrink first Primary partition, I hope I will acquire 20 GB of unallocated space. I want to create an extended Partition with three logical units (Fat16 2GB), the rest of this partition I will take care of afterwards.

As yet the PC is only one week old, and I have no personal data to back up
Regards Gunnar Klevedal

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by Gunnar Klevedal In reply to Shrink primary partition, ...

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