Shut down in Vista

By Don9 ·
When I try to shut down the computer does so,but immediately restarts. Any solutions?

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Reinstall XP and forget about Vista

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Shut down in Vista

I'm not being an *** by telling you this, but I have been testing Vista and it's more trouble than it's worth. **** Vista away and replace it with XP SP2.

Trust me, you will sleep better and have less problems.

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by Don9 In reply to Reinstall XP and forget a ...

Apart from this problem Vista is 120% better than XP. XP had thousands of problems. I am tired of seeing comments like yours

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120% better? You must be a noob if you think it's better!

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Vista

Have fun being butf***d by Microsoft.

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vista shutdown problem, reboot

by saved2serve In reply to Shut down in Vista

Could be bad memory, or a hardware issue. See

And check power options.

Mine works ok, and I use TweakVI which can put some reboot, shutdown, etc, shortcut options to the desktop.

I'll pray you get it fixed.

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by sycan2 In reply to Shut down in Vista

Reinstall your vista, I have never had that problem, don't use software that was hacked.
i use both 32 and 64 bit and I'm happy

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Vista too bad

by jonnybravoquest In reply to restarts

Reinstalling is the best option, believe me.

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