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By shantie ·
No markings on this motherboard, guessing it is an MSI but has a 533 Cel processor.
Computer had XP pro on it. Worked okay until shut down, would go through the shut down process and can hear the hard drive shutting down, but would then give message "It is now safe to shut down your computer"
Press the Switch on case but would not shut down, unless you held the button in for a few seconds.
This computer shuts down its self with Win98 installed, but with Win2000 or WinXP you get the above message.
Only power suggestion in Bios is Power off option, instant off or 4 second then off.
I have tried all the usual things changing ram,video,power supply etc etc. but due to the fact that shuts down okay with Win98 do not see why it would be hardware related.
Even tried a different case, thinking about the on/off switch on the original case.
I do not think it is doing any damage to shut it down by holding the button in for a few seconds, when it says it is now safe to shut down your computer BUT just wanted to get your opinion first.
I am taking it that the different command line for WinXP or 2000 is not suited for this old computer, would I be right. Thank you

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by mjd420nova In reply to SHUT DOWN PROBLEMS

There are a lot of different power configurations
available, and some configurations are limited
by the hardware setup, links to system board,
and a dozen different options. Yes there's even
a difference in the OS that will give you control
if the hardware is capable.

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by shantie In reply to

Sorry I realy wanted to know if it was safe to keep shutting down the computer with the on/of button, thank you

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to SHUT DOWN PROBLEMS

That is perfectly normal and you should need to hold the Power Button in for about 4 seconds or maybe even longer depending on how the Soft Power Option is set in BIOS.

I've seen the same thing happen when one system was upgraded from 98 to 98SE. It's just the way that Windows works and is nothing to worry about at all.

I have a Dual Processor Tyan M'Board P3 variety that does exactly the same thing with XP loaded. In that case it's just the way that things work.


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by shantie In reply to

Thanks that is all I wanted to know, thank you

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by cmiller5400 In reply to SHUT DOWN PROBLEMS

I had an Intel motherboard that did the same thing until I installed the Chipset drivers. It has to do with the ACPI interface between the motherboard and the operating system. Make sure that XP has the chipset drivers for the motherboard.

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by shantie In reply to

There is no name on this old board and just guessing its an MSI, but no the chipset drivers would not be installed. Thanks for the idea.

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by TheChas In reply to SHUT DOWN PROBLEMS

In some instances, Windows 2000 and XP do not enable ACPI compliant mode.

Open device manager.

Click on View and select show hidden devices.

Expand Computer branches and locate ACPI complaint PC.

Right click on ACPI and select enable or install.

Your computer should now shut down properly. (You may need to reboot once.)


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by shantie In reply to

I was thinking about the ACPI function but noticed it was enabled in the Bios and did not think any more about it. So thanks for the idea, will remember the next time this crops up. Lady has the computer back and as long as it is okay to keep shutting down this way there are no worries. Thank you

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by shantie In reply to SHUT DOWN PROBLEMS

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