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shut down problems Tiny ME

By jamesboyz ·
could anyone tell me why a Tiny P3 256 ram 20gig hdd will not shut down properly cpu fan stops hdd stops but PSU continues to run,I have recently used a Tiny restore disk (from a different pc though an ME copy)but when in safe mode it shuts down fast and sweet

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by robcowell In reply to shut down problems Tiny ...

this may be a silly question! but are you sure not just logging off instead of selecting shutdown from the start menu?

If not then the best thing to do is to check the power options in the control panel. Goto control panel then Power Options then Advanced Tab, and make sure that the field "When i power off my computer:" is selected to shutdown NOT hibernating, which is what your computer sounds like its doing.

Also another pointer is to check your CMOS utility, when you power on, a message appears asking if you would like to enter the setup utiltiy, this is usually accessed by pressing the ESC, F1, F2 or DEL buttons (will vary on the pc you have!) make sure nothing in there says hibernating on power down or something similar alnog those lines. Please becarefull in here and make sure you make a note of the configuration before changing ANYTHING! Once your done, save your changes and exit. then try it again!!

If this doesn't work, look through your local telephone directory for a pc technician as it may be a hardware fault!

Hope this helps,


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by Michael34 In reply to shut down problems Tiny ...

Yeah, I had the same problem under 98. My solution was upgrading to Windows 2000, however that is not always an option.

Anyways Check the BIOS Settings. When your PC starts it should say something like Push F1 to enter setup. Enter setup and browse through the options until you find something like power. I know on my board (most useless feature I have ever seen) under power I have a option called Power Save its default set to when the PC shuts down and what it does is keeps my PC running even after windows has shut down, I can still hear my PC running, like fans but the HDD is off. Under that option I also have a 4 Sec delay and Instant Off. I selected Instant Off, and right when windows shuts down, after it shows "Saving Your Settings" it just turns everything off.

I tested the Power Save mode under 2000 and it did the same thing, just basically put my PC in a idle mode. Anyhow check for a option under power like shut down mode or something. It may be your case, or it may not.

Good Luck!

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