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    shutdown after windows load


    by dakitaha23 ·

    hello gys i have a problem in my computer when i turn it on and giving the windows load logo it shutdown automaticly and i cant turn it on until i unplug and plug the power supply wire.i tried every think i buyed the thermal past i changed rams barrs everythink i tryed safe mode and all the F8 list

    the button of power start blinking

    hope you solve my problem thx techrepublic

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      One of several issues

      by jackcrystal ·

      In reply to shutdown after windows load

      I had similar issues. Once, I think it was a motherboard issue and had to have it changed. As far I know, it can also be caused by a fault battery. Try to remove your battery if this is a laptop and restart it only from your AC power. Furthermore, it is possible that you installed a system or driver update, which may also create this issue. One of the worst possibilities is that you infected your computer with malware and that is why you cannot start up. Did you try to restart in Safe Mode?

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      Solution – shutdown after windows load

      by vitsusa ·

      In reply to shutdown after windows load

      There may be some hardware problem. In initial level you can remove all the connection of CPU like RAM, Hard drive etc. and then reconnect it. I think this solution will be helpful to you. Otherwise IT support experts can provide you best solution.

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