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    Shutdown and no Shutdwon


    by sanwardak ·

    I have about 200 workstation and one of them is down cannot connect to net because we have port security on the switch. My question is how to know to which port the pc is connect without going to the switch? I want to reset the port by using shut and no shut. can some one give me an example how to use this command please.


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      by sanwardak ·

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      You could try…

      by sven2157 ·

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      … this suggestion on the Cisco Forums:

      [url=]EEM help with ethernet port shut down …[/url]

      Hope that helps! 😉

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      The lady from… says

      by leifnel ·

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      In the time you searched for this, you could have gotten somebody to disconnect and connect the cable a lot of times. Or just read the number on the patch panel.

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      Which port?

      by jstinnett ·

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      If you can telnet in to the Switch you could administratively shut down each port, one at a time, wait for a measure of time ……….. for the phone to ring. Sooner or later you hear from the user you disconnected. No walking involved…
      Or if your enterprise is very organized, there may be a cut sheet listing all the port assignments for each switch, in which case, you just look it up.

      Most of us will tell you to take a walk to the client location, make a note of the receptacle that it’s plugged in to, then walk to the IDF / switch, trace it it from the patch panel to the switch.
      That’s the way Fred and Barney used to do it.

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      by deway2 ·

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      Solarwinds made a switch port mapper aplication. It uses dhcp dns and switch mac info to tell you which computer is on which port. Its been a good number of years since I;ve used it.

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      what switches are you using

      by arobertslibf ·

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      i’ve got HP switches and you can log on to the GUI via the ip address and then on the configuration device view tab it shows you what ports are disabled and it gives you the option enable the port.

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