Shutdown gives Blue Screen Death?

By Dr Dij ·
One of my PCs started acting up recently. When I goto shutdown, it says 'shutting down', then these words go away, and it gives me a 'blue screen of death' and never completes.

I'm pretty sure I'm sypware and virus free. Just completed spyware scans a few weeks before at (mircosoft) and trendmicro housecall. After this happened, I tried the scandisk, ran OK, and defragged last nite. Also completed OK.

I'm on win2k, latest version, and all patches up to date. Other than the shutdown problem, my system seems to be running fine, and I don't see any unknown taks in the tasks bar.

I do have visual studio installed, which has its own sql server but hasn't been a problem. I started doing some vb progs to read access files around the time this started, and they hung up a few times till I figured out the needlessly complicated m$ way of getting data from files.

Now I have to pull the plug from the back of PC as front power button hangs when screen turns blue.

Any ideas?

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yes, been there

by w2ktechman In reply to Shutdown gives Blue Scree ...

Although it may be many things, from loaded SW to corrupt user profile. I would start here though as it seems to fix many shutdown issues.

Go to microsofts website and download the user profile hive cleanup utility (UPHClean-setup.msi)

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downloaded this but how to run?

by Dr Dij In reply to yes, been there

I installed this from ms site, and it came up with a window that went away quickly saying it had installed to c:\program files\

I can't see a folder where it is or any entry on the start menu. You don't happen to know how to actually start the program?


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It is an .msi file, so double click it and it installs

by w2ktechman In reply to downloaded this but how t ...

It is very quick to run. It should clean up the profile a bit, mostly dealing with application problems and shutdown issues.

Try rebooting, then reboot again and see if it worked.
If not, try logging on as another user and see if the same shutdown problem occurs. If so, it is not a profile issue, but something else that needs to be looked at.
Post back with the findings.

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Did run

by Dr Dij In reply to It is an .msi file, so do ...

I guess, like I said it did install, wasn't sure if it ran at same time. I see a process running now in task window, and I've rebooted a couple times. Still hangs on shutdown tho.

I had luck once before with the filemon troubleshooting a pc problem at work. I see they have procmon now also.

I'm thinking I could probably download this, start it just before shutdown, and it might tell me the last call which could be the problem that was hanging.

Ah, the wonderful fragility of windoze! I still have javascript not working on my home PC. (I use Firefox if I need it) and I've re-registered the DLLs and reinstalled it to no avail.

A work PC 'lost' the bottom line icons such as getting to your desktop - not the tray but on the left by start button. Our PC tech hasn't been able to get it back.

WS-FTP .dll causes windows explorer to be 'fragile' and die if you click too fast. PC group has a 'fix' for this, that is for me to use filezilla instead!

Windoze displays a unix dir on mapped drive fast but if you click on a file to select it, takes literally 3 minutes to select (maybe on purpose to get windoze users away from unix systems?

And I could go on and on, but I'm not the windowsannoyances website.

Thanks for your help

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new profile

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Shutdown gives Blue Scree ...

Create anew profile and test.If ok transfer all data over.If the new profil does not work , then i would look on a broader scale

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not logging in

by Dr Dij In reply to new profile

Is my home PC and it doesn't ask me for password or username. Could this be part of problem? How would I create a new user profile if I'm not logging in?

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Not logging in because

by w2ktechman In reply to not logging in

you only have 1 user setup.
For another user profile you can go to start -- control panel -- user accounts -- new user account.
Log in under the new account and see if the problem persists.

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An update on this - it went away and why

by Dr Dij In reply to Shutdown gives Blue Scree ...

My copy of Microsoft Windows Defender expired recently.

When I tried to get newest version, it said would run only on WIn XP. (I don't know if this is true but that's what the M$ download site told me)

Anyway, not wanting expired software on my system, I uninstalled it. Voila, much to my surprise, next time I shut down, power went off by itself rather than Blue Screen of Death !

Thanks for your help

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