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Shutdown on own

By tim.williams ·
Hi there

I have a PC which constantly shuts itself down

I have checked the power management options and the fan and power supply, and these are all ok,

Can anyone help?



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You forgot

by stargazerr In reply to Shutdown on own

to give specifications like Hardware, Operating System ....

Yesterday I had trouble with one of the stupid sales people ... his laptop kept shutting itself down .... when I picked it up to check ... i almost dropped it ... it was so friggin' hot. AMD processor and he was watching a movie with the laptop sitting (more like sinking) into a cushion. Is this your case??


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is he

by rob mekel In reply to You forgot

your sales person?

But y're right, you (generally spoken) do need some specs on the prob.


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by tim.williams In reply to is he

It runs win xp home, and is a desktop pc by advent

The fan is working fine so there is no overheating issue


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George Eliot said

by GeoffMichael In reply to You forgot

Congratulations! You've joined many others who have proved:

It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

The sales person may be stupid in the field of IT but he/she keeps your sorry butt employed.


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Thanks for the compliment Mate

by stargazerr In reply to George Eliot said

But you wont see me complaining in the office. I am known as "the girl who never complains" ...

TR is where I (and many of us) let out some steam and share our experiences.


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Two things

by nighthawk808 In reply to Shutdown on own

1. What's your patch level?

2. Can you tell us what the voltages are that your power supply is putting out? If your machine is fairly recent, you'll be able to find this out in BIOS. You can also download programs like Motherboard Monitor to tell you this.

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by wfs1946 In reply to Shutdown on own

Is there a pattern to it? Does it always shut down doing the same thing?, at the same time? You might try changing the memory, generally power and memory are the first two things to check when a machine shuts itself off like that if there isn't an overheating problem.

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Shutdown on own

by KEB In reply to Shutdown on own

Bad memory can cause this.
If you have more than one stick, try pulling all but one then swap them around.
Also try safe mode. If this works you likely have a driver problem.

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Back to the Basics

by gadman In reply to Shutdown on own

One of the other questions to ask is - 'What changed'. Has it never worked properly or did it just start? If it just started, what changed? New software? Windows update? New hardware? Did anyone open the computer and maybe knock a wire loose/partially unseat a connector?

Not to beat a dead horse, but are 'all' the fans working? There's the power supply fan, the box fan and the CPU fan.

Good Luck!

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Check Heat sink

by vtassone In reply to Back to the Basics

Check the heat sink on the cpu. I've seen it happen twice now that the plastic tabs on the heat sink mount break and leave the heat sink cocked. This breaks the contact just enough to let the cpu overheat but unless you look carefully you won't notice it. Everything looks fine and the fan is working but no heat transfer.

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