Shutdown/Standby(S3) Inoperative After Graphics Card Install

By CyberSurferUK ·
Hi everyone
Apologies if this issue has been sorted elsewhere
Have built my own Core 2D system with Foxconn G9657MA graphics card. Everything hunky-dory with S3 Standby / Shutdown procedure until I installed a 7600 GS motherboard. Now the system will not standby to S3 - looks a little like S1 with CPU fan and other fans still going - but press of standby button won't bring it out fully - just hangs. Similarly with shutdown, XP will follow shutdown procedure logging off etc but is left on the blue screen with fans etc still going. Power button almost brings it back but agian it hangs up without getting to login screen. I'm certain it's the new gfx card, but am not sure how to proceed from here - would anyone have any ideas ?

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Disable the Power Saving Option

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Shutdown/Standby(S3) Inop ...

As it causes far more problems than it cures, mainly dues to the different ways that the different Chip Sets are used in computers. You can find one brand of Chip Set that works perfectly and the same brand from a different maker fail dismally.

If you really have to have this option running you'll be changing out cards and possibly M'Boards till you hit the right combination which will be a very hit & Miss affair so it's easier to disable this option and not worry about it.


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