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Shutdown While Booting

By troutt ·
Full tower computer will begin to boot and suddenly shut down. Happens with MSI mainboard and AMD 2600/ 266 front bus and DFI mainboard and 3200/400 front bus (TT Volcano heatsink/fan). This does not happen at the exact same point each time. I have tried a different motherboard, processor, power supply (400 and 600 W), power cord and memory (corsair). I have disconnected all devices except the hard drive and floppy. I can see nothing shorting out on the case. I am probably missing something simple. Can anyone help me?

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by Riggs25 In reply to Shutdown While Booting

Is your cpu fan pluged into the correct pin? If it isn't detected system will shut down. Have you entered bios setup at boot and checked your configuration? If the motherboard is old check your capasitors; if they are leaking onto your board this problem can happen. (Drove me crazy)

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Shutdown While Booting

we should start of course to see if your hardware is on the microsoft compatibillity list, see

did you try another os (win9 or a intel processor, another brand and type of memory, videocard.
mainboard, processor, memory and video card are the most common parts that prevents w2k or xp to load.


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by troutt In reply to Shutdown While Booting

The problem was actually caused by a feature of the mainboard that shuts the system down when it reaches a certain temperature. It took disabling throttling in Bios to solve the problem. The responses received were good because they reinforced the issues I had examined or gave me different thing to rule out. Thanks.

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