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By chris grey ·
my computer keeps shutting down without warning i am asking could it be the web that is doing this because it is doing it everytime i am on a certain site it shutsdown on me but when i start it back up it is fine when i go back to the website it won't do it again for awhile but when i go to a computer somewhere else it won't shutdown

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by boomio In reply to shutting down

Are there any updates running on your PC? That could be the problem.

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by ctrservices In reply to shutting down

Open the case and visually make sure the fans are running when you reboot (a bad fan can cause this problem). A malfunctioning power supply can also be possible, but you need a VOM and the knowledge to properly check it. If unsure, get proper help.

If the fans are OK, make sure your virus and spyware checkers are up-to-date and do a scan. If they find anything, rescan to make sure eveerything has been deleted. If the rescans come up with anything, rescan again in Safe Mode. If the Safe Mode rescans come up with anything, seek professional help.

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by helloparminder In reply to shutting down

1 apparent reason is the conflict on the kernel. reboot with scannin and try clearin registry for once.

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by JEPott In reply to shutting down

Several things to check - make sure your computer is clean inside (check all the fans and clean them off). Make sure your anti-virus is fully up to date and run a full scan on your computer. Use the following anti-spyware programs and run scans (SpyBot Search & Destroy, Ad-Aware, and MS AntiSpyWare Beta1). Also, you may want to run a check on your memory. Hopefully you can get this issue resolved soon.

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by ChrisRight In reply to shutting down

Posible overheating mabey? I have had this happen to me a couple times.

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by angsax In reply to shutting down

Sounds like spyware!!

Could be hardware, but you are describing attacks like the Nachi virus (blaster a few year old now). Download Windows XP antispy (free and quite good) and make sure your antivirus is up to date. Try to run a scan in safe mode.

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by chris grey In reply to shutting down

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