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Shutting down winXP

By wreinke67 ·
Sometimes when I try and shut down xp my computer locks up and then the only way I can shut it off is by depressing the on/off button.This problem started after I had sent my notebook into HP for repair and when I got it back, after I told them I didn't want them to fix the missing plastic door on my DVD drive for $350.00, I got the computer back with the hard drive wiped clean except for the OS installed.
Can some one give me somewheree to start?

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by simonrobinson.techrepublic In reply to Shutting down winXP

Check system log for NTFS, DISK or IDE errors. Could be hard drive failing.

Run MEMTEST to check RAM.

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by master3bs In reply to Shutting down winXP

I know that we want to fix these problems ourselves; but if HP caused the problem during their repair work; HP should fix it for free.

Why did they wipe your hard drive to work on a DVD drive issue anyway?

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by Sardukkan In reply to Shutting down winXP

Try reloading the restore image again. Since it was wiped with just the OS on it use you own restore disks (or partion) I think HP still sends restore disks. Wipe it and make sure your relaod the driver disk if your sys come with one.
Had a New HP out of the box last week that was acting really hosed. Did a quick reinstall and it was smooth sailing after that.

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by rickrbyrne In reply to Shutting down winXP


Have you installed any programs since then yourself? Also did you install all the updates Hotfixes, and Service Packs for Windows XP? Another thing to look at is the Task Manager to see if anything looks out of place. For example, a process that doesn't belong, high CPU usage, High ram usage. Also you may want to run a virus scan, and spyware/ad-ware scan. Another thing to look at is doing a fresh install yourself, who knows what HP really did. They don't always have the sharpes tools in the shed working on your valued equipment.

Hope I could help


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Shutting down winXP

Download the Ultimate Boot CD and test your system for faulty RAM and check the HDD as well as the system components.

UBCD is available at


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by singh8281 In reply to Shutting down winXP

Try this link it worked for me when I had similar issue.

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