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Shy Desktop Support Manager

By anyhelpwouldbegreat ·
I take my job seriously, and due to understaffing am usually very focussed. I find it hard to come up with small talk for conversations but believe i'm good at my job and facilitate well by providing peers everything they need to do their job; and dont expect them to do things i wouldnt do myself, and pitch in to give great examples. My concentration and quietness gives the wrong impression and people avoid converstaion as its all 'work', but some people (the more technical) find my conversations great. My facial expression (unintentially) i think make me look angry when concentrating on work at my desk. In the past, people have often been supprised when they have come to my desk and found i'm happy, as i dont come over that way due to this concentration.
I often find it hard to concentrate due to being dyslexic and finding things dont come easy, and being a perfectionist hinders sometimes too. I also expect high standards.

Any ideas would be great.

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You're not alone.

by TonytheTiger In reply to Shy Desktop Support Manag ...

I have an attention disorder, and have to concentrate very intently to perform many of my job duties, and I also appear to many as angry or frustrated when that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Aside from explaining to them that some aspects of my job are extremely exacting, what helps me and generates some good will is donating my expertise to my co-workers during non-work hours. What I mean by that is offering to fix problems on their home computers. This shows them that I am not a mean or ill-tempered person by nature, just that I have to concentrate intently to do my job.

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another thing

by TonytheTiger In reply to Shy Desktop Support Manag ...

Are there office interruptions that hinder your concentration? My 'cubicle' is a recycled reception partition (with the eye level counter) and I am located just outside of the training center. It is a natural attractant for people to "belly up to the bar" and engage me in conversation, or stand and talk with their friends before or after training. This was a great hinderance to my concentration.

After many weeks of this, I asked my supervisor for some accomodation and he agreed to "wall me in". I sacrificed a small amount of space but got a lot of quiet in return. Perhaps something like that would help you.

Also helpful, if you must have an extra chair in your office, make sure it is not too comfortable. Or stand when someone enters your office that you're afraid may talk too long (conversations tend to be shorter when standing).

I hope some of this helps.

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something i used to do...

by elizemeijer In reply to Shy Desktop Support Manag ...

If i had something that needed a lot of concentration, i would put up a "do not disturb" sign, plus times that they can chat to me. It is a clear sign that you are busy, and not grumpy, and then , when you have "chat-time" you are all focused on them, and not trying to do 2 things at once.

hope this helps

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Just tell them the truth

by PKA In reply to something i used to do...

Why be shy, you're busy, tell them so. Apologize for being rude but tell them to scram.

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by jekoski In reply to Just tell them the truth

Have a talk with this person in a priviate area, and tell them that what they are doing is in-aporiate. If they continue to make a nuisance of themselves, you will have to recomend there dismissal.

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by shannyhan In reply to Shy Desktop Support Manag ...

Management By Walking Around

I set aside times during the day to just get up and walk around to my techs cubes to find out what they are working on and just open up some dialogue. This helps combat the impression that I keep to myself and also lets folks know you are approachable.

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by david.m.gingrich In reply to Shy Desktop Support Manag ...

I assume that you occasionally have team meetings. I suggest that at one of those you help them to better understand their desktop support manager - and share with them what you shared with us.

Additionally, you need to make opportunities for some non-work conversations. I also have many people think that I'm "all work". However, if there is a lunch opportunity, take it. If someone is on vacation, ask them about it when they return. Even if you have to take 10-15 minutes out of a busy schedule, the relationship building is worth the time.

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Whose issue is this?

by cranky_paranoid In reply to Shy Desktop Support Manag ...

Q: are you comfortable with yourself and your interaction with others? If so, then nothing needs to change. Are you looking for more social interaction at work? There are various ways to do so; I'd suggest looking at the Insights personality types to figure out yours - what works for one type will be seen as artificial on another type.


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