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By zaltz_man ·
Every time when i restart the computer it say that i have problem with application that has the file sibbri.386
after i am clicking on enter the computer continue to work.
I dont have any application with this file, and i dont have the file in my computer.
Is there any possibility to solv the problem and how.
thank you

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by DKlippert In reply to sibbri.386

From the forums:

"This file seems to be a driver for a US Robotics Sportster ISDN 128k modem and is on the Windows98 CD.

To get rid of the message one of the following will work:

1. From start-->run type: sysedit
Close each window until you are looking at system.ini
Scroll down to the [386enh] section and see if you have a line that reads something like:


If you do, edit the line to put the letters REM and a space in front of the text so it now reads:

REM Device=C:\Windows\System\Sibbri.386

From the File menu, save the file then exit sysedit. Reboot and the message will be gone.

2. From start-->run type: regedit
From the Edit menu, click Find and search for sibbri.386 in values & data.
When you find the name key with this value you can delete it.
Press F3 to repeat the search in case it appears again.


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