Sick system

By tom_housden2k8 ·
My client's laptop is going really really slowly.
I've done:

AVG - clean
spyware - clean
malware - clean
hijack this - clean
CCleaner and Defrag done

I did a Memtest - nothing wrong there.
I performed storage tests with TuffTest - interestly, the Internal Controller Diagnostic Test failed, but the Seek Test and the Surface Analysis passed!!

I downloaded the manufacturer's disk test, and that passed. Then I ran SMART with the Stellar Smart Early Disk Warning System - the Fitness level on every test was 100%, except that the Seek Error rate is 32% and the Write Error Count is 22%! These don't look right.

All the processes, memory and CPU usage look fine,

51C - CPU Temp, 38C - HDD

Nothing out of the ordinary in the Event Log either.
BIOS is latest BIOS

Systems specs:

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro V7010
Fujitsu PL501 motherboard
BIOS: Fujitsu Siemens / Phoenix 1.10 28/12/04

This is strange:

BelArc reports it has got 1024MB memory in slot 1, and then directly under Installed Memory, it says there's only 480MB!

Windows XP SP3

My mate tested the disk on a Linux system and he said it was fine.

Whats happening?!

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start/run/cmd then chkdsk /r

by sgt_shultz In reply to Sick system

you didn't mention you checked your file system. do chkdsks /r see if that helps

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by TheChas In reply to Sick system

How old is this system?

And, how long since the last clean install of Windows?

What I suspect is slowing it down is registry bloat. Once the registry gets large enough, it takes up so much of the available resources that it slows everything down.

Although, I am more than a little concerned about the memory disparity. If you have not done so already, try reseating or even replacing the RAM.


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Answers to questions

by tom_housden2k8 In reply to Registry?

1) The system is just over 4 years old

2) As far as I know, the installation is the one that was on there when she bought it.

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Software Installs ? Updates

by TheChas In reply to Answers to questions

For a 4 year old system that is running very slow, I would start by looking to see if the user had installed and removed a lot of software.

Even just 4 years worth of patches and updates can take up large amounts of registry space.

One thing you might also try is to run System File Checker. This should let you know if there are any corrupt, missing or out of date system files.

But, if this was my system, I would perform at least an in-place-upgrade install of Windows. If not a fresh install.

You should also check the device drivers.

Are there any other symptoms other than running slow?
If so, inspect the motherboard and make sure that none of the capacitors look bloated or show signs of liquid leaking from them.


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Smack me for the obvious but...

by LarryD4 In reply to Sick system

Did you run a defrag?

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by tom_housden2k8 In reply to Smack me for the obvious ...

Yes, I have run a Defrag, which didn't make much difference - only a fraction quicker, not that noticeable!

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Another obvious one

by Dumphrey In reply to Sick system

but do you have at least 20% disk free space?
What progs did you use to check for spy/malware?

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Half full

by tom_housden2k8 In reply to Another obvious one

The disk is half full

I use AVG for viruses
SpyBot - Search and Destroy
MalwareBytes AntiMalware

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