Sidebar in XP

By wesley.chin ·
One of the "features" of Vista is the Sidebar. It can be freely replicated on XP using any of the various free bars from Yahoo etc.

What is the value of having this feature, and which of the numerous bars is the closest to the one in Vista?

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It's just Window dressing....

by robo_dev In reply to Sidebar in XP

Personally I like the google desktop gadgets, but they are not quite as neat as the sidebar

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In what ways

by wesley.chin In reply to It's just Window dressing ...

You mention that the vista sidebar is more neat. in what ways is it more neat than Google's?

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Just say 'NO' to the Vista Sh!tebar...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Sidebar in XP

It is nothing more than pure eye-candy.

Most Vista machine owners, having bought pitifully under-powered Vista machines, find themselves deleting the Sh!tebar because it is system hungry, gobbles up processor cycles, swallows screen real estate, is distracting (and pointless), and ends up being garish in the extreme.

Any and all of the content of the Sh!tebar can be adequately accommodated within the systray, taskbar and the secondary toolbar of you browser-of-choice (preferably Firefox).

Should you find yourself inexorably drawn towards the Sh!tebar you should instantly seek psychiatric help, and throttle back on your current processor, sufficiently-so as to perfectly immitate the sluggish, snail's-pace performance of Vista.

If you want it to look like Vista - it should perform like Vista!!!

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by wesley.chin In reply to Just say 'NO' to the Vist ...

How it is resource hungry is a thing I have heard a lot about too. I wonder how the ones from Google, Yahoo and others compare with it in use of resources.

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I find sidebar handy

by shardeth-15902278 In reply to Sidebar in XP

Particularly on widescreen monitors. It provides some handy tools on real-estate that I am able to sacrifice for the purpose of providing such items as a calendar, notepad, app-launchers... I prefer it over the taskbar for this purpose. I leave the taskbar on the bottom and set to auto-hide (I personally find the taskbar clunky when moved to the side, just doesn't use the space effciently).

As others have said it does seem to be a resource hog.

Alternatives... I've looked at several, and narrowed my list down to google's offering (a little nervous about that one from a privacy perspective, and desktop sidebar ( the examples in their gallery are a little busy for my taste, but it is free, has a fairly good community, is highly theme-able and configurable, so you can make it what you want with minimal hair-pulling).

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Put your Quicklaunch Bar on the side of your screen...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I find sidebar handy

That way, you get a Non-Sh!tebar AND it's not a resource hog, since it's already there - just normally hidden. :)

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Not tried any of the others

by ComputerCookie In reply to Sidebar in XP

Pro's for Vista

If your not receiving any news feeds then your broadband is buggered.

The analogue clock may improve your childrens' ability to tell the time!


The news feed is a waste of bandwidth.

If your not from the USA, most of the news is of no consequence!

How much does this function degrade the system performance!

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