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    Sign – Off forms


    by mcmedics ·

    Hi guys,

    I need to make a sign off form for a client, but I have no ideas as to the format for a professional sign off form for a completed software project.
    So I have decided to place this as an outline to my content, could you guys have a look at this and
    shed some light on what I should or subtract ?

    1.Company logo and letterhead
    2.A description of the project along with screen shots showing what the software programme does.
    3.A form allowing the client to write about areas he/she was happy/not happy about and a blank line where the client signs to agree that the software program is satisfactory.

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      Did you look here?

      by w2ktechman ·

      In reply to Sign – Off forms

      I found these in TR’s downloads section, a search for “forms”

      If these are not right, take a look around 🙂

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      Statement of Work… and Delivery Schedule

      by cg it ·

      In reply to Sign – Off forms

      All you have to do is list the milestones and deliverables outlined in the Statement of Work on a form with your company letter head and a sig block at the bottom.

      1_________________. Date___________.
      2_________________. Date___________.

      All work has been done satisfactory.

      Your Sig________ Their Sig_________
      date:____________ date___________

      Note: in contract law if you made a bid, which includes a statement of work, a list of deliverables, delivery schedule or in the case of software, desired end result and performance parameters, these all form part of your contract with your customer when they accept your bid. So you want to make sure that everything you said you would do in your bid, statement of work, delivery schedule and all performance parameters, you did, and met the customer approval. A signoff form is the last thing and should be supported by signoffs at each milestone. That’s why you list them in a signoff form so that whoever is signing the final form has a list of everything that was done, when it was done and who signed off on that. Seems like a lot of work but then you only need to get sued once before you realize you need to CYA with paperwork.

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