Signifigant HD performance issues

By scrantz ·
I'm experience very poor performance from our DAS file shares. Perf mon on the host shows Disk write and av disk access que frequently pegging 100% for minutes at a time.

How can I identify what/who/where the problem is coming from?

OS Windows 2003 sp2

Excell Merridian Drive array with 4 TB over 14 drives.

Any and all advice is welcome!

Thanks in advance.

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Check physical memory usage

by tintoman In reply to Signifigant HD performanc ...

Paging is usually caused by low physical memory, for example if you are trying to perform multiple actions at once, and your machine has no memory spare it write data to the hard drive temporarily to refer back to later.
If you take a look at task manager running processes you should be able to identify which processes are using the most memory, it is possible that one or more application has a memory "leak" also

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Do you have the 2003 Resource toolkit

by ComputerCookie In reply to Check physical memory usa ...

only looked at it twice, haven't put it on my home server just installed it on XP to play with at the moment.

You can force memory to clear if you want or you can use a similar process to dump a list;

"VaDump examines the virtual address of a running process. Depending on the options specified, the output of VaDump can include:

Each address, along with its size, state, protection, and type.
Total committed memory for the image, the .exe file, and each .dll file, including system .dll files.
Total mapped committed, private committed, and reserved memory."

These type of tools could help you isolate the problem!

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Physical Memory Check

by scrantz In reply to Do you have the 2003 Reso ...

I've been involved in a relocation project all day. I'll verify physical memory etc.

I'll be back in office tomorrow. I'll post my findings / results.

How can I identify top talkers / users of a shared DAS? How can I identify which files are repeatedly being opened?

TIA - Scrantz

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