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    Signing in as users


    by djconners001 ·

    As part of my job, i have to sign in as a user into a profile to configure and download the e-mail when doing a new computer deployment.

    Is there any way to sign in as a user but without needing to ask for a password to get in?

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      Unfortunately, No

      by faradhi ·

      In reply to Signing in as users

      You will have to reset the password or ask the user for it.

      However, If using windows, you may want to look at the User State Migration Tool or USMT. This will allow you to create a batch file that the user can launch to both backup and restore profile data.

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      Oh yeah, Next time ask a question in questions…

      by faradhi ·

      In reply to Signing in as users

      you may get more responses that way. You can also tell those who are helpful that they were by giving a thumbs up.

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      by bizzo ·

      In reply to Signing in as users

      And not very secure either.

      I do a lot of work with users’ domain accounts, so I get the user to log off, I change their password, do the work. When I’m done, I reset their password to a dummy one and set it to “must change at next login”. I contact the user, tell them the dummy password and then they have to change it to whatever they want.

      That way, no passwords are emailed, or spoken, with the exception of the dummy one.

      If any unauthorised access is triggered by their account, the audit trail knows when I changed the password, so it’s not the users fault, and when they changed it back, not our fault.

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