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    Silicon Valley Experience??


    by tekkguru ·

    So I am from Orlando but have been working/living in CA for the last 6 years, but I am seeking to go back to Orlando, but it seems that some shy away from Silicon Valley experienced folks, does that seem logical ??

    Are they intimidated to the point, where I should not hype up my experience here just to land a job ??

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      Silicon Valley Experience??

      by penguinsrule ·

      In reply to Silicon Valley Experience??

      I’m thinking if they are shying away – it is probably because you are not in Orlando now or for other reasons. For some reasons companies tend to be a little cautious about bringing people in from out of state, just because they are afraid you might not be happy there. I experienced a little of that when I went from consulting across the country to taking a full time job in Wisconsin. You really need to show them that Orlando is where you want to be, why you want to be there, and your desire to serve them.

      You may want to think about other issues that may be hindering too. I don’t think it’s the skills and experience. Companies everywhere want people with good skills.

      Salary could be another factor. You sure aren’t going to get a California salary in Orlando. … But, your lower salary in Orlando buys you more than your higher salary in California. So, your experience will actually pay off if you get a good job.

      Don’t overlook contract assignments. If you get afew contract assignments in Orlando, at least that gets you there, and then you can be looking for a full time job while you do temporary assignments in Orlando

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