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Simple backup and file sharing solution?

By dbergen2 ·

I am looking for a simple backup and file sharing solution for a
small home-office netowrk (4 work stations). All running OSX,
with a linkys wireless G. I want to be able to share central files,
and ideally set up an automated backup protocol, but i'm willing
to do it manually, if it remembers what to back up. I have looked
into using LaCie 250GB external HD, and the Maxtor 250 One
Touch. But I was told I can't back up multiple computers on a
network with these drives (I would have to use a network drive,
like the NetDisk, by Ximeta). But another friend said the Maxtor
with Retrospect would work. Will any of these work? The
preoblem that i heard about the NetDisk was that only 1 user
can read/write at a time. Are there other inexpensive options? I'd
love to spend $200 for a Maxtor if it will solve my problems.



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by mshavrov In reply to Simple backup and file sh ...

I think you may do all backups through one PC. For example, you may have Maxtor OneTouch connected to one PC, and have drives or directories on another PCs mounted (through network share) on that PC. Then you configure, what to backup and just save files from the network share on your backup.

Another way is - designate your PC with OneTouch as you "server", create shred directory for each remote PC, and let your remote PCs to save whatever should be backed up in to that directory.

But your primary concern should be your wireless connection. If you want to create big backups all at once, it may be your bottleneck.

Good luck,

Michael Shavrov
MCSE W2K, Checkpoint CCSA, Cisco CCNP, CCDP, CCSP, etc...

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by Getabettersolution In reply to Simple backup and file sh ...

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