Simple error messages

By hoganm2005 ·
Hi there
i am new to the IT world, just starting a position as a customer support intern on the helpdesk. I would like to know where I can go to get possible answers to simple error messages, like: The system cannot log you on because the domain (domainname) is not available. In our situation the most likely cause of this is the network cable is unplugged from the back of the computer. Is there anyone out there who can help me with this

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Yes, we can help

by Kiltie In reply to Simple error messages

but if you are on the help desk, you should know enough of the basics.

Such as what machine are you using, what Operating System?

These facts help.

Can you give us any more info?

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network inventory

by hoganm2005 In reply to Yes, we can help

thank you so much for replying
I have a bachelors degree in information system security but have never worked in the field so all this stuff is brand new to me
the IT department basically has fairly new HP desktops with dual core processors and running 32bit XP pro
i work for an educational institution that has maybe 60 different applications due to the nature of the business
I get a lot of calls to reset passwords and unlock accounts, which is easy to do with admin priviledges in AD, and then calls that the network is unavailable, which is usually the network cable has somehow become unplugged from the machine. Most users are happy to poke around a little bit, even though they are technically challenged, which is ok, not everybody has to be a computer-geeko-whizkid type, but I would like to know if there is a place I can go to get a listing of common sense things to check for the run of the mill complaint. I tried microsoft's knowledge base for the "system could not log you on because domain (domain name) was not available" and got information about corrupted encrypted files and other information, anything but "the network cable has probably become unplugged"
That is what I am looking for, just some common sense things to look at before delving into the core of the operating system searching out corrupted files.
I hope this all makes sense. There is a big difference between learning this in school and working on the job.
thanking you in advance

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