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simple message to convey encryption vulnerability?

By marc ·
I need a means to convey the vulnerability of a completely unencrypted small business wireless network. My first goal is simply to get the attention of the business owner and induce him to encrypt the network (I've learned a bunch of additional simple security improvements from you folks, but I want to start with one simple thing). I expect an email will be dismissed as spam. I am not very technologically sophisticated or agile. I could easily log on to a wide open network and encrypt it, but that would shut it down and I don't want to have anything like that obnoxious, sledgehammer effect. I'm envisioning something like a having a message come up on the desktop informing them of the vulnerability and giving them a link with encryption instructions and/or a phone number. Any ideas of how to do that or other ideas for how to find the balance between getting the attention of someone that technically naive without terrifying them?

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Let's Sum This Up

by BFilmFan In reply to simple message to convey ...

To summarize your request, you want the peers to instruct you on how to be a computer terrorist in launching an attack against a local business in an affort to drum up business for yourself?

They put people into prison for LONG time periods for this. Best of luck with your new and really lonely and very eager for it to be lights-out cellmate....

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Unencrypted wireless vulnerability

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to simple message to convey ...

You probably should not use the Windows messanger to send them a desktop message, as it would probably not be well-received. Why don't you show your manager (or owner) ?
Since the wireless network is yours, you really don't need to use their service, but their material on unencrypted wireless communication is very convincing.

Good luck.

Craig Herberg

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by marc In reply to Unencrypted wireless vuln ...

Thanks for the help. It's not the stuff of paranoid B-films (such as the rant just prior to yours), rather it gives me ideas for how to convey needed security info. in a convincing and non-threatening way.

Any other similar resources or advice on approaches would be appreciated.

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Wireless security

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Thanks!

You're welcome, Marc. It's not always easy to convince people with unsecured wireless networks that their identities and businesses are at risk.

Craig Herberg

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by jbaker In reply to simple message to convey ...

Is this one of your clients, or just an network that you "ran across". If it is yourt client, talk to management, tell them that their network is unsecured, and is in danger of being hacked. If it is not your client, you can still do the same thing, and potentially gain another client if you can show them how to mitigate the dangers.

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Your workplace or someone else's?

by cp7212 In reply to simple message to convey ...

If it is your workplace, talk to the manager about your concerns and if possible, use the prior link for proof. However, if it is not your workplace or someone you are familiar with, you may be perceived as a threat. I agree with BFilm. I don't think he is ranting, he is just trying to show you one scenario of several.

For example, I handle two SSID's where I work. One is secured and unfortunately, one unsecured. I constantly talked to my manager and showed him I could hop on the network from the third row of our parking lot, but he just doesn't care.

But anyway, I just don't think going to someone that doesn't know you and telling them their network is unsecure is a great idea. The next question they ask you may be why were you looking for unsecured networks? I know that may not have been your original intention, but sometimes ignorance IS bliss. Just watch your six, that's all I'm saying.

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