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    simple network


    by the fireman ·

    I am having a problem setting up a network between two computers, 98se and xp pro. I have a crossover cable with a network card in the 98 computer and a built in network in the xp one.

    I have tried to use the xp wizard on both of them to no avail. I hope the members will be able to give some advice to me . Thank you The Fireman

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      by deadly ernest ·

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      Set up the network info in both machines the same.

      Workgroup EXACTLY same name, best typed in with caps lock on to ensure full compatibility.

      IP addresses same first 3 bytes and different 4 byte, eg and

      Subnet mask the EXACT same, eg

      Network cards set to the same speed eg 100 mbps full-duplex.

      Share Files and Printer activated in the Network configuration. Both with Windows Logon service.

      Win XP must have a user account for the other PC that is the same name as the Win 98 PC or the user that is active on it and the same password.

      A folder must be shared on both PCs.

      The XP machine usually needs to have SAP Agent (Service Advertising Protocol) activated in the ‘services’.

      That should do it.

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      by joshg ·

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      Go with the first answer, then make sure you have the internet connection sharig crap turned off in XP as well as the Firewall.

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      by wilthom28 ·

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      in my experience it easier to set up a small network with a hub/switch or even a Router. This allows for easier configuration though a bit more expensive (additional cable and cost of hub etc). You would install tcp/ip protocal on both computers with similar network card (10/100) and instead of using a cross over cable you would use two staight through cables from both computers to the hub. ensure that both computers have a unique name and similar workgroup. you should be able to see both computers in your network neighborhood (win 98 and my network places in win xp).

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      by rjheppler ·

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      First are you planning to use this in conjuction with an internet connection? If so DSL or other? DSL is easiest. First run a line out of the DSL router to a 4 port router(i.e. Linksys which is about $40-$50) and plug into the WAN port. When you buy a router it will tell you how to set it up. After setting it up you plug each computer into any of the 4 ports. Now you have to set up the computers. Go to Network Neighboorhood/ My Network Places. Select Add network place. Follow the steps. Make sure you name the workgroup exactly the same. You want to make sure you have a TCP/IP setting set up. You probably already do but make sure you have Obtain the ip address automatically checked in the properties. In XP make sure you have the firewall disabled. To check this after you are done and saved changes. Go back to My network places/ Neighboorhood. Select entire network. Select the network name you gave it. you should have the two computers you set up in there. If so it was a success. I hope this helps.

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