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simple network for 30 computers in a room

By joinina ·
i have been tasked to network 30 computers that are housed in the same area and i don't know how to go about it.Can someone take me through it step by step...will gladly appreciate it.

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Depends on what you need here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to simple network for 30 com ...

The easy way is to throw in 1 X 45 Way Hub/Switch and then run Cat 5/6 Cables to each computer.

Though with any Windows Desktop Systems you'll be limited to up to 10 Concurrent Connections at any single time on any one computer. So if you need more than 10 Concurrent Connections you'll need some sort of server and what goes along with that.

If you would like to provide a more detailed question in the Q&A Forums I'm sure that someone here will offer some help.


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nothing fancy

by joinina In reply to simple network for 30 com ...

Thanks for shading more light to this :)

well i have 30 computers all on windows xp and 2 HP pro curve network hub 24 port switch and i thought i could use one computer as a i going about this in the right way ?


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What do you hope to accomplish?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to nothing fancy

Are you looking for just file and printer sharing between these computers? As HAL noted, with Windows you're limited to connections between 10 systems. Of course, you could set up three 10-system groups.

If you want to provide more services (Internet connectivity, etc), then you're going to need a server and router like HAL said.

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that's just what i need

by joinina In reply to simple network for 30 com ...

i think you are right and i also felt that i needed a descent server and a router too.

Thank you, you have been of great help.

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