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Simple network problem

By bjorn ·

I'm a sort of a newbie in a new job, and I've got a little problem. We have a small office network with three machines. Two are running XP, and I'm running w2k. All machines are directly connected to a router, and on the net. Our LAN, though is not ok. I'm machine 1 and can connect and ping machine 2, but not machine 3. Machine 2 can connect with 1 & 2, machine 3 can connect to 2, but not to one. This happened more or less overnight. It worked properly a few days ago. The error is "can'tfind network path". What is wrong?

All the best -> Bjorn

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Seems like Subnet Mask problem.

by nandan_gijare In reply to Simple network problem

Hi Bjorn,

I think that it might be a problem of your subnet mask problem. can you tell me what is the subnet mask you are using on all three machines? Are they connected to different ethernet ports of the router? Can you give me the IP addresses of various interfaces of the router also? I guess i can help you to solve this problem.


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Here's the info

by bjorn In reply to Seems like Subnet Mask pr ...


Subnet mask:
The three computers are now connected to a switch, and the switch is connected to the router. The router's ip is and we all have that as default gateway.

I really appreciate your help!

Best regards -> Bjorn

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additional info

by bjorn In reply to Seems like Subnet Mask pr ...

Hi Nandan.

Now it seems even more weird... The only problem now is that I cannot find computer three. When trying to access him , I get an error stating"\\Ernst is not accessible-Network path not found". I cannot ping him either, but he can ping me...

Best regards, Bjorn.

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what kind of topology?

by dbesenho In reply to Simple network problem

is it token-ring or ethernet?

i'm not an expert in this, but from description, almost sounds like it's on a bus topology, or token-passing. if you picture a circle, 1 connects to 2, 2 connects to 1 or 2, 3 goes to 2, but doesn't complete the circle to 1. since there are only 3 computers, it would be easy to try replacing the network cable or the nic on each of the computers (try starting with computer #3) and see if this helps.

just something to try . . .

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The simplest solution

by ChrisMS In reply to Simple network problem

Asuming that you are using one hub, I would considr changing that first, as looking at the connections, it almost looks like a hub connectivity issue. I would guess that the port that PC3 is plugged into is mis-functioning.
Swap the Cables around in the hub ports and see where the connections work then.
If you need more help, I'll be glad to provide.
Hope U solve it.

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