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By Reesev ·
hey guys i purchased a new board for my pc and i made sure it was the socket 478 but my proccessor FSB is 533MHZ and my new boards FSB is 800mhz.

so will this work? because i put the board in and installed the proccesor and power supply but yet its on but its not showing any video and i was wondering if this could be the problem?


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by ctrservices In reply to Simple Question?

If the cpu is rated for your board, it should work at the slower speed.

You didn't mention inserting any RAM.
Without it, you don't usually get any video output.

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by Reesev In reply to
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by TheChas In reply to Simple Question?

Will it work? Depends on the motherboard and specific CPU you have.

Check the motherboard manufacture for a list of supported processors.

Some, but not all, motherboards that support 800 MHz FSB also support 533 MHz FSB.

Your RAM also needs to be at least fast enough for the 533 MHz FSB for the system to function.

On a new system, one thing to check is the setting of the clear CMOS jumper. Many motherboards ship with the jumper in the clear position, and will not boot until the jumper is set to normal.


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by Jim_P In reply to Simple Question?

Yeah, as said, the CPU should just run at a slower speed. Maybe try reseating CPU, all PCI cards including Video Cards, RAM. Make sure all the drive cables are plugged in properly and securely.

Kind Regards,

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Simple Question?

Yes it should work without a problem the 800 MHZ is actually 2 streams from 400 MHZ RAM to give you the 800 MHZ FSB the 533 is slightly different and should also be supported on that M'Board.

If you have everything installed I would check the RAM and as you haven't mentioned the chip set type of the M'Board it may require ECC RAM and not the cheaper stuff that is available. If that's the case you will not see anything until the correct RAM is installed.

I tend to run these things out of a case when I first put them together just to make sure that they are actually working correctly. It saves time in the long run and you only need to short out the Start pins with a screwdriver or something similar for a short time to see if it's going to work.

As Chas has said some M'Boards come with the CMOS Clear jumper set to Clear and that needs to be changed before anything will work this is in the manual that comes with the M'Board and you really should read it because it's important and you may be required to alter some jumper settings depending on the make and model. If you didn't get a printed manual there should be a PDF version on the CD that comes with the M'Board Intel is great for doing this as it saves them some money in not providing a printed manual. If that's the case you'll need to open the PDF file on another computer and print off the necessary pages these should just be the setup pages an designation of the different jumper settings you don't need the entire manual as they tend to be a bit long and can take a lot of paper to print.

If this isn't an Intel Chip Set M'Board it's also possible that you have a Conflict between the Video Chip Set and the M'Board Chip Set which will also produce the same problem.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Either way you may need to try another Video Card to see if it works on that M'Board and you'll really need to read the manual to be sure that everything is properly inserted and connected up correctly. I always start off without anything connected to the M'Board except the CPU, RAM, Video Card if applicable and the power supply and then try the system to see if it's going to run. If it works at that stage you can then place it into a case and start adding components. But if you already have it setup I would remove everything except the CPU, RAM and Video and try again. The 478 Pin CPU's are almost impossible to get in the wrong way but some M'Boards don't have a lever beside the ZIF CPU Socket and require you to turn a eccentric to lock the CPU in Place if you haven't done this the CPU Pins are not making contact and the system will not work.


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by Reesev In reply to

Wow guys thanks for all the input. Nad i install boards all the time and i have never thaught of testing it outside of the case just to test it to make sure it works before going thru the trouble of installing it and here lately i have been getting some bad boards.

but thanks for all the help.

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by Reesev In reply to Simple Question?

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