Simple Wi-Fi Media player solution - What is best ?

By john ·
To make my requirement easy to understand I will word it thus ->

Imagine I have my Laptops sound output connected via a decent qualilty cable to my Hi-Fi and the SVHS video output connected to my TV.

This will allow me to use Windows Media Player to play any madia file and view it on the TV and hear it on the Hi-Fi.

Now what I wish to do is just that, but without the wires.

3 Points to note =

A - I don't want one of the commonly available Wi-Fi media players, as I don't need their facilities, they don't use Windows Media Player, don't allow me to stream audio from Yahoo's "Launchcast" ( excelent product btw ) - simply put, they don't simulate the "video and audio wire" solution as mentioned above.

B - I don't want to use anything that relies on the laptops sound card as it is not Hi-Fi enough for my requirement.

C - I don't want anything "hanging off" my laptop such as USB devices etc.

Any thoughts folks ?

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Maybe build it?

by mdbradsh In reply to Simple Wi-Fi Media player ...

If you don't want to use existing, I believe your going to have to build it yourself for a straight-up wireless connection. Basically, custom build your own media player (PC) w/ wireless adapter for your interface to your AV. You could use an existing wireless router and related adapters, Linksys for example. I think you will have speed/quality issues though, unless you go with some kind of broadcast quality transmission and receiving such as FM, or whatever television uses. Which you would then need FCC licensing and could probably get pretty expensive.

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Interesting thought !!

by john In reply to Maybe build it?

More info on my "project" =

At present I have a decent PC with decent sound and graphics cards feeding my Hi-Fi and TV.

I use a laptop to wirelessly control the main PC via "Remote Desktop".

This works just fine, including streaming off the net ( such as Yahoo Launchcast, very good btw - Oh I said that etc )

However, since I got my high spec Laptop and 54mg Wi-Fi it occures to me that the PC is not being used much any more !!

It seems daft to have it there when, in theroy, I could just use the laptop, and sell the PC !

The only problem is this business of getting media from the laptop to the Hi-Fi and TV wirelessly and with decent quality.

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