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Simple Win 2003 File Server

By psk79 ·
Hi ,

I have been using XP pro for a long time but have no experience with
win server.
we have recently purchased a dell pe 2850. Our goal is to provide every
member in our group an uid/passwd and a folder on the server to store
their stuff. This way they can store/access all their files from the
server like a share from any machine in the building. All the machines
get their ips from DHCP managed by the company. Now I have the
following questions:

1) Is this possible by simply installing win2k3 and creating shared
folder and sub folders for each user and restrict access ?? I mean
similar to creating a
MSHOME workgroup in Win XP pro. All the user machines run win xp
home/pro. If at all this is possible, do we need as many licenses as
the users ?

2) Or do we need to create domains etc ...

Thanks for any help.

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by CG IT In reply to Simple Win 2003 File Serv ...

Here's my take:

answer to # 1 : Yes, its simply that easy provided that the server is a member of the workgroup, user accounts are on the server and you've shared a folder and assigned NTFS permissions.

Answer to #2 : General licensing and there are many ways in which to mix and match but rule of thumb is : per seat and per server. if users access multiple servers you would want per seat. if users access 1 server, go with per server.

ps assign a static ip to the file server and make that ip a reserved address in DHCP.

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by a_liss In reply to Simple Win 2003 File Serv ...

1. You can add the server to the workgroup and add everyone as a user on the server with separate passwords. The server will have to use NTFS as its file system so you can setup security on folders. Make a shared folder on the server right click the folder and turn off inherit permissions then make a folder for each user and set permissions for admin full and the user change in the security tab of permissions.
If you were going to setup a domain you would have to upgrade any XP/home pc to XP/pro as XP home can't join a domain at least the one I?m sitting at can't but they can connect to a server/share. The real benefit of getting a server is the ability to back of everyone?s files in one place something allot of my small business clients didn't feel was important till I asked them to live without the book keepers Pc for an hour and how it would impact them if their hard drive crashed.

2. If this is the only server you will need as many per server licenses as you have PC's that can connect to it at one time. If you for some reason buy a 2nd server you can upgrade your licenses up to per seat licenses later

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