Simple...or what should be simple... Access 2007 question

By shawn ·
I have a field in a table that contains a number or days (examp 100) I need to add a field to a report or right back into the table that calculates the date 100 days ago. Why is this so hard for Access?

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It isn't.

by Maevinn In reply to Simple...or what should b ...

Now()-Field1 works fine. It won't happen in a table view, because that's recursive. You're asking it to tell you a date that's XX days ago, when XX hasn't been identified.

Setting it up in a report, use the formula above (preferably with some formatting) and it will be just fine. Or modify the data entry form to perform the calculation and update a field in the table, unless you need the value to always be XX from NOW(), rather than XX from the date the record was entered.

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found something

by shawn In reply to It isn't.

=DateAdd("d",-[Age 1],[Date])

I used this to get the date to count back whatever the number of days were in the Field (Age 1). It works. Thing is, I can't count back from the current date, I have to count back from the date the data was collected and put in Age 1 (via pocket pc).

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There is also DateSubstract...

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to found something

Update MyTable
Set [DateSomeDaysAgo] = DateSubtract("d",[Age1],[Date])
Where [DateSomeDaysAgo] is null

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by Maevinn In reply to found something

Use the Now() function instead of the Date field. That will give you the current date.

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Try date() function

by arkman In reply to Simple...or what should b ...

=DateAdd("d",-[Age 1],date())

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by shawn In reply to Try date() function

I just read my earlier post, I should have said - I must use the date that came in from the pda, not the current date. So what I did works. I'd rather have it be in the table. How is that possible?

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Update Query

by Maevinn In reply to correction

Create an update query that runs on close for the data entry form.

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