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Simplest way to auto update an Excel table with web info?

By txflywheel ·
I would like to update a to create a table similar to a stock price table but that has other info involved, so we can plot prices versus different variables.

I have looked at Excel Web Queries, but not sure if this is the way to go, or if even Excel is the way to go.

First, I would like to create a table(s) and each day automatically just add a row to the top of the table with the information we need, and move the existing data down a row.

If we get this accomplished, is there a way to set it up so that it can pull different data from different sites to populate different cells? For example: In Excel, have it put the date in cell A4, stock price from Yahoo in cell B4, usage from another website in cell C4, etc?

Do we have to open or run something everyday to update the tables or is there a way to automate the data gathering?

After reading all this, is this too much for Excel or do we need something more? Preferably Microsoft, since we have free use of Microsoft software.

Thanks for your help!


Just trying to keep The Man happy...

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