Sims 2 crashed then the message: "Physical memory dump" appears

By smurfrevolt ·
Hi, here are the specifics:

1. The partition where I installed the game is only 11 Gigs, there's only 1 gig left.

2. The game slowed somewhat, but then, I've been playing for 7 hours or so.

3. There's always a blue screen that appears, the past few weeks (PC's new: new 80 Gig hard drive, Pentium D, Palit ddr3 videocard, 512 MB ddr2 RAM...) So there's been something wrong with it for the past month. It will only start -up after the third time, and I often have to go to Last Known Good Configuration to get it to work. Also, I've tried to do countless system restores but the same problem.

I've been advised to transfer the games to the other partition.

But I need more advice before I proceed.

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Hardware issue

by Jesus_C In reply to Sims 2 crashed then the m ...

The simms requires a minimum of 256mb ram which leads me to believe that there is a faulty ram module on your system.I would alsoinvestigate your graphics card.Before all that though i would check that the virtual memory is set correctly.For graphics i would set it to 1000mb to 2000mb.PLease advise if your unsure how to check this.To read the memory dump files which will tell you what failed download this:http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/devtools/debugging/default.mspx

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Re: Hardware Issue

by smurfrevolt In reply to Hardware issue

I have 512 of RAM, and I lowered the graphics options, was playing for about 9 hours until this morning and it was fine, no signs of lagging.

Re: debugging tools, which one should I install?

I saw in another forum that i should set the virtual memory to 1512 MB. I have 1512 MB on both the partitions. Please tell me if I did the right thing. Thank you very much. =D

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