Simulating Work IP at Home

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One day a week I work from home which, until recently has not been an issue. Now I'm up against a network situation I could use help resolving.

My work effort - all on my Windows Vista laptop - revolves around an apache server (including kerberos credentials and a cert tied to my laptop's work DNS) fronting a Coldfusion instance.

While everything works fine at work, it falls apart at home because it's on a different domain, made worse by being behind a NAT.

My work DNS (obviously) doesn't resolve correctly at home so my apache can't bind to its ports. (I mentioned the kerberos credentials and cert above to indicate why I can't just build a different apache: The "stuff" I'm working on depends on the specifics of these and cannot be reestablished using IP addresses outside the domain at work.)

I've tried editing my hosts file so that my laptop's work DNS resolves to either localhost or my NAT assigned DHCP address. In both cases, after I've edited (as administrator) and saved the hosts file, a ping of the DNS name fails with a "Ping request could not find host...". nslookup fails in a similar way. I've tried doing an "ipconfig /flushdns" but it didn't seem to effect anything.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks much (in advance)!


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If I understand correctly.....

by robo_dev In reply to Simulating Work IP at Hom ...

you are trying to make Apache, configured to use SSL, start without using SSL?

If it were possible just to redirect DNS, it would be very very trivial to hijack any web server.

Establishing a VPN to your office and tunneling your Kerberos through that link might be remotely possible. Presumably you have a firewall at the office which would make any other method impossible.

Alternately, reconfigure apache to use a local self-signed cert, but you know that already.

Is it a VPN into the office?

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