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Singing the OWA Blues

By Nuero ·
I'm having a bit of a Outlook Web Access problem. I recently took over the position of Network Administrator at a local company. Now looking at the network as it sits right now, I've got to say it's not suprising that the position became available.
But here's the problem, the previous Network Administrator setup all the users with a "FIRSTNAME LASTNAME" username. Now I wanted to setup OWA for some of the remote users. However they also have the 2 part username.

What I want to know is. Isthere a way to logon to OWA with a username that has a space in it? I've tried several ways to no avail.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

I just don't want to have to recreate over 200 user files & then go to all the workstations just to import their old profiles, but you guys know how it goes...

Thanks ahead of time...


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by Nuero In reply to Singing the OWA Blues

I just wrote that. Why does it say that user is deleted? Too stressed today... Grrrr

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Are you logged in

by LordInfidel In reply to Why USER DELETED?

Verify that you are logged in.

Look up at the top right and see if it says log out. If it says log in, then you are not logged in.

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by LordInfidel In reply to Singing the OWA Blues

When you say username, you are referring to the network username, not their display name?

You want to login using their network username.

So if there network username that allows the to logon to the network is jsmith, you should be able to type in jsmith in the gold owa window, and when the u/p box pops up, you would type in jsmith again and then the password.

Now..... Assuming that the old guy followed best practices for setting up OWA by having it on a seperate srvr. When you get the U/P prompt, you will have to use a domain identifier for the username such as domain\jsmith

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Actually Quincy...

by UrNOTready In reply to UserName

It's the alias name that is typed into the login box in OWA, the network username/password is typed into the gray login box that pops up after that.

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Alias, I'll give you that one

by LordInfidel In reply to Actually Quincy...

Typically though, a mailboxes alias name is the same as their network login name.

Who would call a mail box alias "joes hotel" for user joe smith.

But, you can also type in your display name there.
It is not just limited to your alias name.
I can type my full name, my display name and my alias there and it will work.

But if *I* use my login name for the domain it won't work. That is becasue I intentionally mask my network login name to be different from my real name. I require all of my domain admins to not have logins that reflect their true names. This thwarts any possible "name guessing" by hackers.

But my users on the other hand, their netwk name is reflected in their alias. So typing in their netwk name will be valid.

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