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Single Signon for Mix Windows/Linux Domain

By jfrickson ·
I'm setting up a new remote data center. It will initially have five servers -- one Windows 2003 Server, and four Linux servers, probably SuSE.

I want all logins on the servers or local or remote workstations to be validated by a single machine. In a Windows-only domain, it would all be done through a domain controller and Active Directory. In a mixed environment, what's the best way to go?


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I'm pretty sure you can do this with samba

by DanLM In reply to Single Signon for Mix Win ...

No, I have not done this. Because my mixed machine environments from an admin level is only through home use. But, I have read where samba has this ability to be used as a controller for a single sign on. The documentation and online help for samba is extensive too, so this should be easy to verify and also acquire working examples to refer to.

Free too, got to love free.


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by pgm554 In reply to I'm pretty sure you can d ...

Lookit,if your going Suse,don't even give the M$ product a single thought,use the Novell OES and Edir to manage single sign on.

With OES you get a an DirXML connector that will sync users and passwords.

You have all of your users set up in AD,add the Edir connector and it will populate all of your users into Edir,which in turn will allow you control your Linux resources.

You can go vice versa too,add a user to Edir and it will populate a user into AD.

Novell has some nice stuff,too bad nobody but us hard core Novell resellers know about this type of stuff.

Man,I hate Novell non-marketing!
They couldn't sell lemonade in the deset.

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Never heard of it

by jfrickson In reply to Novell

That sounds like it might be a good solution. But at $79-$98 per user? I'll look around the provided link a little more, but it sounds like it just sync's passwords.

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