Site to Site Between Sonicwall VPN and W2k3 Server

By cbaur88 ·
Hi folks do any of you know if it's possible to create a site to site VPN between a Windows 2003 or 2008 Server and a Sonicwall (Pro2040) device? TIA!!

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you can establish a persistent tunnel

by CG IT In reply to Site to Site Between Soni ...

between a host and a router but that really isn't site to site. Site to site is typically defined as a tunnel between two perimeter routers where hosts on each network use the tunnel to pass data between each other. A site to host persistent tunnel means hosts on the network behind the perimeter router [site] can access and exchange data on the host on another network where the tunnel end point is. Other hosts on that network can not use the tunnel. Well they can if you configure the server a certain way but then that's messy and prone to problems.

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W2k3 Site to Site?

by cbaur88 In reply to you can establish a persi ...

Thanks for the post and get exactly what your sayting. Thinking of possibly doing a site to site between two w2k3 servers? I would like a cleaner site to site between two devices but not sure that's an option. Not sure how reliable a vpn between two w2k3 servers are but will test. Thanks!

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site to site with 2 VPN capable routers

by CG IT In reply to W2k3 Site to Site?

these two routers are the perimeter routers on the 2 networks and you establish a persistant tunnel between the 2 routers. this tunnel can be VPN or if the routers can support it IPSec.

then any users [hosts] behind the routers can access the tunnel and use it.

If you choose to use W2003 servers at the end points, then you simply have a tunnel between the 2 servers which the servers alone can use. My question would be, what's the point?

You can get consumer level DSL or cable modem routers that support site to site VPN tunnels. Their not to expensive. Linksys has the BEFSX41 router that supports site to site endpoints. The real problem lays with bandwidth. If you have a bunch of users accessing the tunnel you can have network congestion that will substantially slow down both traffic in the tunnel and traffic through the router. While 4 and 8 mbps throughput isn't so bad, even 54 mbps throughput, heavy internet usage or data transfer through the tunnel will tax the processing capabilities of the router.

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