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Site-to-site VPN

By mtc ·
I am in charge of IT of a small company, I have set up a lot of small networks under Windows, but never had to do more than this. I have no experience with server/client networks or any other operating systems other than Windows.
We have two offices, with 6 computers each running under WinXP pro (1 on each office) and WinXP. Each office is under a peer-to-peer network, so no domain or server. Both offices are connected to internet through DSL modem.
I want to set up a VPN to share information between both offices. Of course I need a permanent connection between both offices. I want to make something simple and really easy to manage, I have no idea of Unix or Linux so I would like to stay with my old peer-to-peer XP networks.
As I understand, I need a VPN router on each office. It will provide IP address so the offices can find each other in the internet, and also provide a firewall for protection (although limited). So just buy the VPN routers, connect to the DSL modem and to the switch, configure them, and follow XP wizards to configure the VPN. And that's it?
Do I need something else or it is as easy as it sounds? How do I assign the IP addresses?
Can someone recommend a secure and easy to setup VPN router?
Any hints will be welcome, I don?t know if it?s as easy as it sounds, just want to be sure before investing in the routers to avoid suprises.

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by CG IT In reply to Site-to-site VPN

well you pretty much got the jist of setting it up. The Linksys BEFSX41 End Point routers aren't bad.

note: the befsx41 are end point routers. once the connection is made between the routers, clients then use the tunnel to browse the LANs.

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by hitchcock4 In reply to Site-to-site VPN

One thing that you didn't mention is a static IP address. In my experience with setting up a VPN (only 6 months) you need a static IP address at both sides for a site-to-site. Ask your DSL provider about the cost, etc.

We are currently using a Watchguard Firebox 1000 at our main office for the VPN. Then we have 3 branch offices with a SonicWall Tele3 SP. The Sonicwall devices also provide decent protection for the computers behind it, which our branch offices did not have previously.

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by mtc In reply to Site-to-site VPN

Now I am connecting with PPPoE at both ends. I have checked and static IP addresses are really expensive compared to what I am paying now.
I have been checking and I think with Linksys befsx41 I don't need static IP addresses, as it supports PPPoE. Can someone confirm? Maybe I need static IP address on one side only?
Is the performance the same if I have static IP addresses or PPPoE?

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by mtc In reply to Site-to-site VPN

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