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    Site-to-Site VPN


    by zookster ·

    I am the Network Administrator for an organization with about 17 PCs. About half of those computers are at a branch office, using VPN “dial-up” connections on each PC through a 1.5Mb/500Kb cable connection.

    This situation works for one or two people connecting, but I did not forsee that it does not work well with so many people trying to access the network remotely.

    I’m trying to figure out of there is a way to connect the two LANs together, so that the computers at the branch office appear on the LAN just as if they were at the main office.

    I would prefer to continue using our cable Internet connection, but if a different connection method (such as ATM or fiber leased line) must be used instead, so be it.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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      VPN Solutions

      by johndt ·

      In reply to Site-to-Site VPN

      I have recently come across the same type of problems. I have a client with 2 offices and they want to access files from their “satallite” office. I istalled 2 Netopia 9100 routers, and confgured them to maintain a PPTp connection to each other. Once configured I mapped to server IP address’s and presto life was good. By the way this is via an ADSL 128 Kb connection. in the satallite office providing 5 users internet access to an ASP.

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        vpn solutions

        by ftormen ·

        In reply to VPN Solutions

        I currently have a branch office vpn running between my office in Washington and Amsterdam in Europe. I used the Watchguard firebox/firewall to set this up and it is running tremendously well. Althiough your network in very small, I do believe that principles should be thesame. I am using thesame fireboxes at both ends with a common shared secret password and encryption of 40bits. There must be an exchange of infor between your two LANS such as your firebox/router/server external IP, your network address (internal) and a common reserved network address not being used by either one of your networks. I do not know if this may only hold true for the Watchguard firebox but the guide lines require for these setups to be in place for a smooth operation. Once these settings are done, you will be able to access your sister LAN’s network as if you were actually sitting there. Let me know how it turns out and if I may be of any detailed help to you.
        Have fun with it and good luck

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      Make it easy!

      by jdeez ·

      In reply to Site-to-Site VPN

      Outsource it! is a company that only does VPN’s. They charge $50 per month for a maintenence fee(for each location) and one other charge for data transfer. They give the customer 500 megs of transfer free per location and charge $20 per gig of transfer thereafter. It’s so much easier and they take care of everything.

      In addition, you (as the salesman) collect $10 per location per month for the life of the customer.

      Give them a call (866)VPN-USA7 and check out there site(

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