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Site to site VPN and individual users

By crp705as ·
Our company has a site to site VPN setup with a sister company. (separate NT domains)However, the smaller site houses some of our employees (6 or 7) and they dial in everyday to our network for mail, servers etc. They print locally.
Question: Is there a way to hook up these individuals to the existing site to site VPN setup without removing DHCP or changing their network setup on their laptops? (They travel extensively to our offices so I can't hard code an IP address)

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Site to site VPN and individual users

by Stillatit In reply to Site to site VPN and indi ...

A lot depends on how the vpn is set up. If the vpn is over the internet, and is routed by the default gateways at both sites, you are probably using it without knowing it. (Use TRACERT to see how your traffic moves.)In an ideal setup, the gateway router has routes set up so that traffic from one site to the other is automatically routed over the vpn.

If moving trafic from one site to the other requires using a different router than the gateway, do the following:

At one site (Site A), determine the ROUTE command which a user would have to execute to move all of his traffic to the other site (Site B) over the vpn. Place this command in a batch file on each user's laptop, and create a desktop icon which runs the batch file. Label the icon "Site A". Now do the analogous thing for site B. When you are done, a user who is temporarily at Site A boots their laptop, logs in, then double-clicks on the Site A icon, and they are then routing their traffic to the other site over the vpn. If they are at Site B, they double-click on the Site B icon. You can expand this for any reasonable number of sites.

The format of the ROUTE command is generally
ROUTE <target network> MASK <mask numbers> <router address> METRIC 1
You can type ROUTE HELP for more detail.

Good luck.

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