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    Site to site without VPN


    by sardukkan ·

    Hi All!
    I’d like some tips on how to link two sites so that a Windows 2k domain can span the environment. DC is a Win2k advanced server with a Citrix box running a legacy app. Citrix is the key applicaication on both ends. I’d like to do this with Fixed IP DSL modems and a linksys router on each end. I also have another server I can use as a DC on the remote end.

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      Linksys does make VPN routers

      by ni70 ·

      In reply to Site to site without VPN

      Why not use VPN? Aren’t you worried about security?

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        Linksys WRV54G

        by sardukkan ·

        In reply to Linksys does make VPN routers

        Thanks for the info. I did look into the Linksys and bought two of the new WRV54G Wireless routers. Now check this out! These are one of the few Linksys products I’ve seen with a Power switch! Don’t know if this is a omen for Linksys, but I’m now on my 2nd RMA for DOA out of box failures.

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