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    Site-toSite VPN


    by owen ·

    I have an ASA5510 with VPN enabled but only for the VPN clients for all my staff here. Now we have aquired another company in Singapore and I have purchased an 837 as well as a pix 506E. I need to setup the VPN between these 2 sites, the contracting company has just advised me they know nothing about the command line in Cisco. I am a little knowledged in cisco but not for VPN and would like some advice on how to get this done..


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      by owen ·

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      Call cisco

      by jdclyde ·

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      The support is good ( you DID buy the smartnet support, didn’t you? )

      They can help you configure these, and will even console in (if you let them) at the other end, instead of having novices there trying to do the config.

      Another option is to do the config, capture the config to a txt file, and email it to them, and have them drop it in place.

      Good luck with that.

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        call Cisco

        by owen ·

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        I would like to call Cisco, but unfortunately we have no direct contact with Cisco from the middle east, it is all tied up with vendors and the support is slow and crappy, not even they know what they are doing here in Dubai.. So i’m sort of stuck…

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      by jellimonsta ·

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      You should have ASDM and PDM for your devices to make it easier. Try this.

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      by aslam ·

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      you can create vpn tunneling for both firewalls, but i never tried tunneling thru Firewalls. did your gateway is cisco? if so, you can make simple tunneling between routers and it will be easy to deploy.

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