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SiteAdvisor worldwide crash

By Dr Dij ·
Ok, it was just MY world.

I came home Friday, site advisor was thrashing on one of my computers (SAService.exe). says caused an exception, click OK, box won't go away. Process manager can't kill the box. Starts up box asking if want to debug it. Yes or no still can't kill it.

Tried uninstall it, uninstall tells me 'dave, I cant do that.., do you wish to hide this prog from add progs menu..'

Tried rebooting, and even without inet access (no browser started) it's still trashing.

Finally I figured, old hardware, went to program files directory, under siteadvisor, deleted all the files, except what is actually open at the time, the .exe file. Figuring when it reboots, won't startup.

Figure I'll reboot, that will be the end of it! (and since I basically like the prog despite its problems occastionally, I'll reinstall latest version)

Whew!! end of it all!

(or so I thought)

I get into work, I'd left one window running a job to generate a big data table.

And Siteadvisor has crashed BOTH of my work PCs. Ok, not really crashed, but there are 67 siteadvisor error windows open (no web browser was left open!)

So I repeat the delete - reboot - reinstall. Then I turn to my 2nd PC on the left and it has the same siteadvisor problem!


Anyway, I'm thinking they put out some bad upgrade or expired or they upgraded their server and older version incompatible.

Just wanted to warn everyone what to do if youre having problems. May not happen on all OSes. I'm on w2k.

Anyone else experience siteadvisor crashes?

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Sorry, can't help you on this one.

by deepsand In reply to SiteAdvisor worldwide cr ...

I don't know anyone that's using SA.

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You should!

by Dr Dij In reply to Sorry, can't help you on ...

it's free, and very fascinating.. plus there's a firefox version..

install it,
goto google and search for anything..
(try dolphinstadium for example)
or screensavers

you'll see a red X by all the sites that have spyware, green by safe sites, ? by untested sites.

Helps identify the stupid scummy spyware sites immediately, and helps identify sites that could be real such as personal sites..

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I'm familiar with it, but presently have no pressing need of it.

by deepsand In reply to You should!

I'm not particularly enamored with it, having submitted some 100% clean & safe sites to it, only to have elements flagged as being "supicious."

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