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By bb11772 ·
I have a problem. I have cornered myself on a career path that dead ends. I was a trainer/installer for a hospitality software company. After being laid off, I went back to school to get the training to actually get my certs. Well, I finished the courses and have gotten some of the certs I want (A+ Net+ & MCP). I'm still in the process of getting the rest (MCSA CCNA & eventually MCSE).

I have lots of experience in the IT field. NT/2000 client/server and PC technician along with troubleshooting, installation and repair. I have help desk experience and even minor database knowledge including SQL and the like. I was tops in all my classes.

I think the problem is that it's a bit too general. Everything I see out there from employers gets very specific and they all want the moon and the stars when it comes down to it.

I always start to qualify for positions but then a kink is thrown in. I have networking skills, actually many different ones, but when it comes to I can't give them one or two things they desire... ie unix or solaris knowledge.

I can't fake something I don't know, but it's getting very frustrating. I don't have the money right now to go to any more classes and even if I did, I hear that paper knowledge isn't getting anyone anywhere anyhow!

Where do I go from here? I don't want to be a trainer anymore, besides that was only a third of my job. Besides, I found I don't particularly like training since I have issues with slow learners.

Any suggestions?

Stuck with AD/HD in Phoenix

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