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Skills I need in IT world

By kdrew225 ·
Currently, I am a SAS and SQL/Sybase programmer for the federal govt Dept of Labor. I want to know what other skills should I obtain to remain competive in this IT world. I know HTML, Javascript, PL/SQL and I am in a computer systems mgt Graduate program.

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Well if you want to do only programming

by j.lupo In reply to Skills I need in IT world

then obviously you want as many programming languages, DB and OS as you can. Java, Unix, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Windows, Linux, T-SQL, C, C++, C#, Ansi SQL, etc.

However, to remain competitive you are going to need to have some networking and system admin background too. Don't narrow your knowledge set. I did that and am now experiencing problems. You need to keep all avenues of IT open to you.

Good Luck

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Soft Skills

by bdmore In reply to Skills I need in IT world

Soft skills is the name of this game now. In today business, your personality can be more important than your hard skills.

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bdmore - yes and know

by j.lupo In reply to Soft Skills

It depends on the company, size, location, and a lot of other things. Believe it or not, I have both the soft skills and the hard skills for most things. However, companies want very specific abilities in hard skills. If you don't have those, it won't matter about your soft skills.

Soft skills (written and verbal communication, teamwork, etc) should be a number one priority because hard skills can be learned. But many companies what employees to hit the ground running so they want the hard skills first then the soft skills. It is a problem. They pass up a lot of really talented people.

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by brj1980 In reply to Skills I need in IT world

It seems now companies want someone who knows everything. So if you don't, someone else does.

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