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Skills Inventory Hit list

By The Admiral ·
We are getting ready to create an internal skills inventory hit list that is going to be sent out to all employees so we can move people from one project to the other. What are some of the skill sets that we should be looking for with interpersonal, management and technical skills in mind?

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Political correctness is one thing, but....

by ex-military nut In reply to Skills Inventory Hit list

The first trait (regardless of category) should be candor. A person with the ability to tell you (boss or otherwise) what you really need to hear vs. what you want to hear will save time, effort, and money every time!

Being blunt will only infuriate most supervisors because they see it a challenge to their authority. A "tactful" person can present almost anything in a favorable light.

Other skills I'd be looking for:

Logical troubleshooting techniques
Resource management (physical and personnel assets)
Conflict Resolution skills (works best with tact)

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by The Admiral In reply to Political correctness is ...

Great points, but then again, I expect to have an employee who is able to draw the line in concrete from time to time in order to keep the project focused and on track.

I agree with you that you have to have people with candor and tact, but how can you capture that interpersonal skillset as well as their technical skillset in a 15 minute interview?

When I interview, I like to have the application they filled out and any skillset info in hand so I have an idea where to pose my questions rather than it being just a 100% technical review. I can hire great people with great technical skills but really be crappy with customer service, or hire someone with a used car auroa and be horrid at technical skills.

I am thinking that a balance needs to be struck on paper that they fill out and what I can read from them in their interview.

And I like the conflict resolution and resource management idea (goes in the little blue book)

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by Jaqui In reply to Skills Inventory Hit list

look at the criteria used to hire for all positions,
look at performance of everyone hired for that position.( including those that didn't work out )
evaluate why those that didn't work out didn't fit.
evaluate why those excelling do excell.
complie a list based on the best features of top people in each position.
cross compare each list for the matches.

give all employees a survey of two questions.
the questions:
1)what skills do you think are needed for your job?

2) what are your skills? ( list all skills, as we may be offering new positions to those that have needed skills )

every company wants/needs to have some skills matching, but they all have needs of skills that are unique, as their environment is different.
so a list for one company will have differences than the list you need.

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by The Admiral In reply to

Great suggestion, but how do you get those skills down on paper from scratch if you have body shops to come in and do the work as well as regular employees? I can poll the regular employees for skills, but if they don't tell me ALL of their skills, how can I poll the rest to see if I can group them?

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