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Skype broke it automatically (rant)

By TobiF ·
Yesterday, when I needed to restart Skype, it automagically upgraded itself.

And so it broke:
- Something in the Bluetooth stack (can't use my wireless headset now);
- The UI. Things suddenly look a bit differently, and old keyboard shortcuts have been changed; and, thus
- My trust.

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First thing I do

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Skype broke it automatica ...

to anything I install is disable automatic updating. For that very reason. Got fed up with what wasn't broken getting fixed until it was... X-(

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by seanferd In reply to Skype broke it automatica ...

This sounds oddly familiar.

edit: No, that was Yahoo Messenger breaking things recently.

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Well, when Skype tried to roll out version 4, they broke a lot

by TobiF In reply to Grrrr.

There was a huge difference in UI from last version of Skype 3 to Skype 4. And at one point, they distributed this as an automatic update. Many people were unhappy.

Now, again, this was not just a couple of security updates.

I'll stay with them for a while, but while their product is getting more bloated by the day, I've started looking for alternatives.

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