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    Skype on VZW Motorola Droid?


    by dcolbertmatrixmso

    So, when I installed Skype on my Droid, when I run the app, I get a pop up alert with a big red exclaimation mark that reads, “Skype mobile can only be used on Verizon Wireless in the US. To learn about usking Skype mobile to make free or low-cost calls from the US, visit

    Originally, this link took me to a page that said that there was an activation fee, and if I recall, reoccuring charges – which I blew a big raspberry at and uninstalled the app, bemoaning that Verizon got their feature-crippling tentacles around Skype.

    I understand that the Skype/Verizon partnership has unravelled (score one for the little guy) – and now when I install Skype, I get the same message, and the Verizon page returns a 404 error.

    But, Skype just redirects to this page, then exits. I can’t get Skype to actually run on my Droid.

    Today, a friend recieved an incoming Skype call on his Droid.

    So, this is kind of an open poll. Is anyone else experiencing what I am on their Droid with Skype? Does anyone have it working and do they use it on a regular basis? Does anyone know the whole story on this or have any steps I might be missing? Should I find the .apk file online and install it myself? I know originally I had a version of Skype Beta for Android that worked better. That version did not allow voice calls, but at least loaded and would let me IM and chat with skype contacts. That version was uninstalled when I loaded the VZW cripple-ware version.

    My experience with Skype on mobile devices goes all the way back to WinCE/PocketPC platform, and it seems like Skype has been executing poorly in this segment from the very beginning, across all platforms. It is too bad.

    (Interestingly, after writing this post, I wondered why the alert read that it could only be used on Verizon Wireless in the US (maybe Ohio is actually in Canada. That would explain SO MUCH). Anyhow, so I turned wifi ON, and then it loaded and took me through a bunch of agreements and I got to the login screen. Entered my user name and PW and hit the Sign-In button – and then the same error popped up. Don’t get it. Something is obviously hosed).

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      by jaqui

      In reply to Skype on VZW Motorola Droid?

      naw, you are not in Canada, Ohio is in that wonderfull nation called Columbia. 馃槈

      that’s why skype won’t run on your Verizon mobile device there.

      and the other dead giveaway that you aren’t in Canada, Verizon. no such provider up here.

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